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    Jinan moland Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

    電話: 0531-87205759


    地址:No. 11889, JingShixi Road, Ping'an Street Office, Changqing District, Jinan

    About us


    Jinan Moland Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan, Shandong Province. It is a professional air purification equipment manufacturer which integrating R&D, production and sales. The company's leading products are mobile welding smoke purifier, laser smoke purifier, centralized air purification system, etc. It adopts German imported fans, intelligent control technology and multi-stage filtration system.

    Our company's products are mainly used in industrial electric welding, laser processing, electronic lead-tin welding, factory dust,factory deodorization and other fields. At present, the company developed four series product including dozens of different models which are widely used in industrial automation, food and medicine, beverage, automobile and parts, solar photovoltaic, smart card and SMT circuit board assembly industries.

    Jinan Moland Environmental  Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional, cooperative, hard working team, adhering to the core concept of "providing valuable products and services for environmental protection", committed to help creating a safe, clean and healthy working environment for every Moland user. With professional knowledge and full enthusiasm to serve customers at home and abroad.



     We keep close cooperation with many mechanical equipment suppliers and system integrators in the industry to provide customers with advanced and reliable environmental assessment solutions, promote technological progress and create value for the society.

    So far, we have been very honored to serve the following customers:




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